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>At this point, I came to the conclusion that the mage couldn't summon the template of Atreyan because the template was already here.

This wasn't what I intended to hint. Unlike the others, who need to be reawoken each cycle, Atreyan has completely eroded his own template. Later in that battle, when the last boss is summoned, the sorcerer realizes this and makes a comment along those lines.

Atreyan does have memories of the real world, but since he's the player's avatar, he's usually not the one bringing them up.

The sorcerer said "I can't imagine how you undermined so much.", how was I supposed to understand he was meaning "eroded your template"? I thought he meant undermining the spell. Your hint is not a hint if it is too vague to hint anything, it even lead me onto a wrong reasoning, it made me think that the missing template was in the party and so the real hero was pulling the strings in the shadows to take control of this world because he had repeated the quest to save the princess so many times that he eventually became fed up of being a hero and now he wanted to be selfish and indulge in a reality that he could control as he pleases and I expected the game to conclude with the revelation that the Atreyan in the party is the missing template stolen and manipulated by the real Atreyan and the final battle to be a confrontation between the real hero who is fed up of being a hero and the party of the fake hero who has become the true hero, I imagined all of that because of a "hint" which lacks clarity!

Well, even if I was mistaken, what do you think? You imagined a story about heroes trapped into a fake world and endlessly repeating the same cycle again and again, you made a RPG who mocks idiotic standards mechanics used by almost every RPG, but you could push this concept deeper, you could make the hero to discover that not only his world is artificial but he is himself artificial and the real hero had turned the antagonist, what do you think?

Anyway, if it was not your intention to hint that Atreyan's template is missing because he is in the party then please change the sorcerer's dialogue because, unclear as it is now, as you can see, it leads to misunderstandings, instead of "I can't imagine how you undermined so much" which could mean anything, write something more specific like what you told me, "I didn't expect you to completely erode your template", to make sure your hint does its job efficiently instead of misleading as it does now.

Also, could you please add an option to configure a game controller? Because since you used an unusual button, C, to jump, it is not a standard command on game controllers and so I can't use my controller to play your game because I can't jump with a controller. If you add an option to configure controllers then I can bind the jump command to my controller and be able to use it to play your game.