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Sure but sometimes it's required. After all the free content you sent, it's well deserved already !

I already have them all in Asset Forge so i'll definetely look at this one !

A little temple i'm working on : here

it looks great.  If you haven't tried MAST, you might want to look at it.  That way you can place prefabs instead of just models, so everything is already scripted before even being placed.

Yeah i saw that walking through your profile i was curious ! Does this work with any models or only your collections ?

Any models.  It's really intended for modular design, though.

Very impressive. Bc i know Unity have SNAPS but it only works with their own blocks so as i'm hardly working with your blocks, Kenney and the other friends, this will be really helpful. I just installed it i'll check it out right now ! Thanks very much for this !