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Really good game, loved the aesthetic and atmosphere and music, would love to see a sequel.


i played on a 144hz monitor (didnt see other comments about capping the frame rate) and... i the only one who thought the gun only firing 1/10th of the time (or so) was an intentional mechanic? I assumed bc of the whole glitchy aesthetic of the game that it was supposed to be like that, and it made the ending way more tense and scary bc of not knowing how long it would take to stun them. First case I've seen where a glitch actually significantly improved a game imo



Oh my, this is by far the most interesting bug report I've had so far!

(...maybe I should lie and say it is a feature since you felt it improved your experience...)

Nah, for real. That was indeed not intentional. I've since gotten a 144hz monitor so I need to give this a test myself! Thanks for your kind words and for bringing this to my attention!

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Chiming in, I'm on a 200hz monitor and the gun is also not firing for me every time I pull the trigger. Upon first acquiring the gun, it only shot on the fourth shot. The gun still kicks back, but there is no audio, muzzle flash, or effect on the game world.

Edit: Just did more than 30 clicks in a row without a single shot. I like this game but I can't play it if it's gonna be like this.