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See title. Is there somewhere else you can get those mods for the itchio version?

i have windows 10 soo idk what's wrong

Voice didn't seem to work, but I've never tried to use voice recognition stuff on this PC before - does it need some sort of extra setup?

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Cute idea, feels like an extreme version of the shotgun guy from No Time To Explain, could've made it more clear that the boxes can be moved by shooting them tho, and i wish the mc's hitbox was a tad smaller

Really good game, loved the aesthetic and atmosphere and music, would love to see a sequel.


i played on a 144hz monitor (didnt see other comments about capping the frame rate) and... i the only one who thought the gun only firing 1/10th of the time (or so) was an intentional mechanic? I assumed bc of the whole glitchy aesthetic of the game that it was supposed to be like that, and it made the ending way more tense and scary bc of not knowing how long it would take to stun them. First case I've seen where a glitch actually significantly improved a game imo