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I'm not familiar with Trophy Dark, so I can't speak to how well this works within the context of the system, but this is a wonderfully well made module, dense and atmospheric, that's also perfectly useable for other stripped-down adventure-games like Into The Odd or Mausritter---although it may take a little bit of fiddling to properly convert it.

Probably the most striking thing about Hum is the writing, which uses an extremely effective poetic voice that makes it really satisfying to read, although it's also a little tricky to just skim for relevant info. Everything in the nine page pamphlet is extremely well-described and immersive, and it overall paints a very clear picture of lush, bee-related horror.

And it is horror, even though it's framed as an adventure, thanks to the eerie, lurid tone that permeates everything.

So if you like to be unsettled, this is worth picking up for that reason alone.

If you want to run it, well, it convinced me to buy a copy of Trophy Dark, and that's probably the best approach, but if you're willing to sit down and sketch out a few maps and encounters, you can absolutely convert this into an extremely flavorful d20 or osr adventure as well.

I would strongly recommend this to anyone whose GMing style revolves around building atmosphere,  as well as to fans of horror fiction.

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Note: there is another Trophy Dark incursion in the racial justice bundle, that includes the basic rules required for play, for those who don't want to buy  ($7) Trophy Dark before playing.

This one-shot was reworked with a version 2 that includes the rules for the game as well. 

I suppose at this point there's little value in leaving up version 1, especially if it may cause confusion. Just hid the file. It's only the complete ver. 2 going forward.