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Aww, thanks for your kind words and interest in the project :3 I actually planned on writing an update on the devlog for this today! Now that the otome version of SR is finished, this is back in semi-active development again ^-^ I say semi-active, because I still need to finish the BxG version of SR, but I'm spending time with my family at the moment, and need my partner's PC to work on SR stuff as my crappy laptop can't handle the project load on Tyrano. So while I'm with my family, I'm spending a bit of time writing the rest of the story for this :3 Cos I only made a draft for the jam, now I need to write it in full, haha. 

I'll stop rambling anyhow x3 Stay safe! :D


Of course and no rush, enjoy your time with family! Good luck on your other projects and when it's done I'll be there to buy it! ^^ you stay safe too bye e :3