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Yessss it's getting worked on Good luck ^^ and thank you for your hard work so far *clapclap*

He was super Prickly at the beginning but it really reels you in because you want to get through the thorny outside he keeps up, and when you do he still has prickly moments but its mixed with sweet moments too, I think he's a good complex character and you did a great job don't worry it's probably one of my favorite VNs I wouldn't mind a Prologue of how Ren and Taku live in University and dates and stuff like some VNs but either way it's wrapped up really nicely and you did a good job I look forward to seeing your future projects and Thank you! ^3^

Of course and no rush, enjoy your time with family! Good luck on your other projects and when it's done I'll be there to buy it! ^^ you stay safe too bye e :3

I love this concept so much its so unique and I hope its finished sometime soon or after your big project, either way good luck :3

This game and Ren was amazing it really made me want to play it in one setting and i loved the resolution and conflict that happened in the story and for a small game it was really well written part of me always wants a sequel but this is wrapped up really nicely im not going to spoil anything but if youre reading this play it, it was way worth it, and sayumi thank you for making this this was a great expierence that i wont forget, this needs more recognition 10/10 also dev if a tip will help just ask i got you ^^