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What was this made in?

rpg maker vx ace!

Nice! Any plans of an RPG Maker MV port?

no, that would mean i would have to redraw all the assets to be the right size and i don't have time for that haha

Well I do have software that would scale up the images to MV standards. I wouldn't mind trying to see if I could port it over to MV.

i feel like there'd be quality loss because it's like 1.5 scale instead of a clean 2... but if you send me an email i can give you the game files to play with. contact info is on my profile. thanks!

my email is I'll see what I can do. But what I would need is the game project and all the stuff that went into it. It's for the conversion process and all. So mind putting it in a dropbox link?

All the graphics turned out great! Though the sounds may have to be switched around a bit due to the files not being there.

oh hm they should all be in the audio/SE folder, unless there were some specific to vx ace...? i thought mv used all the same ones...

Looks like there are some specific to VX Ace? But it's only just the sounds, all the graphics look good to me. I can share a build with you once I'm finished ok? OR I could post it on my itch page if that might be easier to do?

sure, if you could email me a zip or put it on dropbox or something that would be great!