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I really dig the aesthetics, and the atmosphere. But I seem to be stuck! The sink in the bathroom has a question mark, but activates nothing. Also, the couch by the fridge, and the white (picture?) on the wall both have question marks but no text or actions associated with them. I can't seem to progress past looking into the fridge for food. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

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Hi SleepyGary, you are doing nothing wrong. In fact this is not a complete game, we posted it as an aesthetic experiment to the stop motion game jam. We will be working on it further, but for now it is really just a demo. Thanks for playing anyway =) ... by the way, here the ideal is that you can get to the baby's room. In order to get that you just need to get the correct triggers right, not all interactable objects currently have actions associated with them.

oh, cool! I was wondering if it was a demo (like mine will be).
I really like the aesthetic and the atmosphere, and I am looking forward to the full game. Have you got an idea of when that might be? Good luck!

I am glad you liked it SleepyGary, yours seem pretty interesting too from what I can see in the screenshot ... and by the way, local co-op I think its just awesome! I miss having more co-op games around. Some time ago we developed some templates for local co-op but ended up not investing much in them to have a full game.

About being a demo, I had a story in mind but in the end I found that stop motion animation requires a lot of time and so we decided to make it just a demo lolol. I kinda liked the result and intend to invest more time on it to make a full game and see if there is still time to release it in Steam's Greenlight, while it still exists.

By the way, we have just updated it, changing the controls so that every click while on conversation will trigger continue conversation, that way you actually know that the text comes from the thing you clicked before lolol. Also inserted more little clues so that you know what you should do to get to the 'end'.

What about you? Do you plan on working further in your game?