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Very nice feature! Itch.io is turning into a very dev friendly platform.

One other suggestion: implement a brainstorming/ideas page, where users could submit and vote on ideas on how to improve the game. Doesn't have to be complicated, just ideas, votes and comments.

Like idea.informer, for example.

There are very few options for this kind of tools on the internet and they usually come with other unwanted features or they are payed.


I'd say Itch has pretty much been dev-friendly from the start, haha.

I suggested an issue page previously - that might work really well with your suggestion (since issues and ideas / feature requests are fairly close in terms of implementation, I think). Issues and ideas would be great.


I agree.

I think that publishing platforms (like Steam, for example) fail to deliver a unified set of tools for the developers. Frankly, when I develop game, I don't want to bother with configuring a website, forum, blog, etc. If these tools are already provided in the same place, you just have to concentrate on what you love, developing the game.

This is the set of tools that I would want to be readily available in one place: game web page, forum, features/bugs(with tags), blog(with tags for different subjects), wiki, polls. I know it seems like a lot, but if they use a CMS, this can be configured one time and be readily available for all users.

If itch.io manages to implement this before others, I think it's popularity could skyrocket.

Plus, I think that game development should be a more open (to the public) activity. Hell, even Hollywood movies have started to show behind the scenes videos of their upcoming movies. And if you don't want the story spoiled, simply don't watch them.


Yeah, I agree with you, too. The good thing is that the framework is in place, so anything itch adds can go to every game already in existence on itch. Really would love to see a lot of what you mention (wikis could be really great for early access / deeper games).

Yeah, I second this feature. Another similar implementation is User Voice.

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The problem with using all these websites is that it requires multiple login accounts. And frankly, I think everyone is tired of creating accounts.

Imagine having an account each of these: Wiki, Bugs, Trello, UserVoice, etc. The user will simply give up, it's just too much.

The only solution would be to create a server with CMS, but that's time consuming. It would be better if these services are already grouped under the same umbrella and ready to be used.