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You are very welcome, I have complete faith in this game.

Could you tell me how the alembic works please.


Are there anymore updates such as a combonation of flowers and potions or are they coming in a different update.

Tomorrow we will publish the devblog with the changes of this last version (0.0.7) but yes, basically the changes have been referring to the graphics, the alembic and the plants of fire.

We dedicate our free time to develop the game in the evenings, since during the day we have other jobs and obligations.

We would like to bring out some amazing stuff with each update, but we want to do things right and we have to improve a lot the current mechanics of the game before starting new ones.

Thank you for your interest Thanatos

You are very welcome, I have complete faith in the creation of this game.

I believe that you should add more plants such as trees and things that will provide food for when the player runs out, and after that mostly focus on adding more elements for making elemental flowers, such as earth water and air, and maybe aether, or soul after.

Hi Thanatos! How are you? Yeah, we want to implement a HUGEvariety of plants, elemental potions and other surprises ;) But for the moment we are 2 people here making this game on free time, be patient, this has only started!

Thank you for your suggestions.