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I believe that you should add more plants such as trees and things that will provide food for when the player runs out, and after that mostly focus on adding more elements for making elemental flowers, such as earth water and air, and maybe aether, or soul after.

Gaia Eternal community · Created a new topic Gaia Eternal

This is a great game, but i think a lot of updates are necesarry i also would like to be able to furnish and enter the huts

You are very welcome, I have complete faith in the creation of this game.

Are there anymore updates such as a combonation of flowers and potions or are they coming in a different update.

Could you tell me how the alembic works please.

You are very welcome, I have complete faith in this game.

Do you have an estimated time when this update will be ready and added, because i would like to test it and help give you some feedback on the game during each update.

i have quiet a few questions, like what is the box on the side of the house for, how many seed combos are there, how do u combine them, whats with the purple bottle by the cauldron.

I have a few questions, i would really like to talk to you about this game, i like it a lot, but i cant understand how all the controls and what everything does