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I'm not a native english speaker either, and I know I'm not perfect grammar-wise haha. So while I didn't notice anything weird, I make a lot of mistakes myself and I don't always notice mistakes other made.

No problem, thank you for answering :)

Oh, and your english is very good, by the way.

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I've replayed a bit more to do more endings, and I think I've spotted two mistakes in wording/spelling (though you may want to check it with a native english speaker). First one is when the main character tells the kid they don't have to be ennemies and all that stuff. It says "we can help each others", but I'm pretty sure it should be "each other". The other one is in the Ending 5, when the MC says the kid found them. It says "And now I know that I was lucky that he did" - I don't think it's a mistake per se, but the first "them" isn't necessary - "And now I know I was lucky that he did" seems more natural.

Other than than that, I actually have a question so...

SPOILERS (I guess?)

I did some more endings, and I got a variation to the true ending where the MC isn't human or human-like. After that, I've checked the walkthrough out of curiosity about that, and it says "Most of the pictures are variation of the same ones, based on who(or what) you are and what the creature is" - I get it that the MC can be man or woman and human(-like) or not, but can the kid's appearance vary depending on your choices? It looks like it from what it says in the walkthrough, but I didn't get to see it in the game and I'm curious.

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Thank you for your help, I'll fix those errors in the next update (eh, I'm always overusing "that" 😅)


Exactly. The kid's nature also varies depending on your choices, specifically based on the way you treat him (if you are mean to him, he is a human "disguised" as a monster; otherwise, he is a real monster)

The Mc on the other hand is human if you choose to cook the meat and pick the less "bold" choices, or an alien monster if you eat the meat raw and act as if you're not afraid.

So, if you play as a monster, in ending 5 your hand is definitely less human and in ending 1 (or 2) you get a glimpse of your monstrous body :)

Oh okay, I see! Since I got the Ending 5 as an alien after a few tries, I understood how to get an alien MC (though I like to think they are not human anyway, only human-like, because aliens yay!) - but I didn't try to be mean to the kid, so I didn't get to see him as a human. It may seem funny, but I can force myself to make the MC kill him for the sake of getting endings or CGs, as it's awful but quick, yet being mean all along is too much for me haha! I like him being an actual monster anyway, so I won't force myself to go down a path I really don't like.

Though I must say it again, I really enjoy the artistic direction. As you can't exactly see how does the MC look, you can easily imagine them as any kind of alien, even if their silhouette looks human, as you don't see any details. For example, I like to do things like eat the meat raw, but still getting the "human" ending. Since they eat the meat without even flinching, you can really think they look like a human but actually aren't one.

Yeah yeah, I'm replaying his waaay too much I think, but I enjoy it a lot

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it's amazing to see my game was so appreciated, you're really making my day :) one of my goals was to give freedom to the players and let them create/imagine the story they wanted, so I'm really glad to read you're doing it and you are enjoying yourself 😊