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Love your pixel art style, this game plus Riders and Crawl all look dope. Great visuals, a couple laugh out loud moments and fun solutions that feel intuitive.

Let me 'axe' you a question tho: Are there future plans for the series? Like small episodes or a single larger installment?

Thanks! Barney's the real artist of the team (He did Crawl, RHB and Maitre D) I just cheat by using extremely limited palette, at least for Riders of Rhea and this :P

I do want to do more adventures, I really enjoy making them. Part of making this game was to build up some tools in unity to make it easy to make adventure games in future.

Cool, I hope you guys can do some interesting things with the point and click genre. I've never been a huge fan of the format, tho I loved Sam & Max Hit the Road. Most of the time it's grab a walkthru and hope the visuals and story are good.

Like I was super pumped to play Gemini Rue, because I heard there was gunfights in it, but... got stuck on the first "puzzle". I pretty much expected that but it was still disappointing. Your previous games have cool concepts that are well-executed, so I figure you can avoid wonky scenarios/solutions.

Also, playing this the same day I get to see a Blade Runner trailer? Thanks kismet, old buddy.