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Huh, how many hours is this game, Chiel XD Hope it will not crash again lmao Good work this week :DD

Damn, if I have 1 million dollars, I won't know what to do. I'm not that good with finance @.@ Maybe I should give it all to my parents or something and do what Arya has suggested. Too much money, I'm gonna be overwhelmed XD But I think I will ask my parents to renovate my house and ask some to buy as many books and games I want hehe

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Lol, I know! This game is getting too big for comfort OuO;;
Me too, I'm not good with finance, maybe I'll deposit some and use some to live the life of potato couch o(-( but other than that? I dunno x'D

Thank you for coming as always, Pang HerHeart!