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One of my fave indie game developers Two Tribes announced that they're shutting down after the release of their final game RIVE this September. Kudos to them for being one of the reasons I got into playing indie games in the first place.

For names of the difficulty, for Easy I'll pick 'Relaxed' or 'Chill'. This indicates that it is a more relaxed or less taxing way of playing, while not necessarily indicating it's easier, although that can be derived from the name. Most likely it'll be accompanied by the byline 'For everyone!'. For Hard, I'm thinking of using the name of the game ('Mobility!') as the highest difficulty name. This is a thing done often done for osu! levels where the highest difficulty level name is a small joke that relates to the song or song name. And accompanied by the tagline 'No mercy.', this will draw in the good players while keeping the others away from a punishing experience.

In the meanwhile, my level design partner is making sure my bug fixing list stays filled. Unidrax messes around a bit and before you know it your buglist is one addition richer. It's a gifted ability of him. Today, he found out that if you hold a button and then unfocus the window, the game never registers that button being released and keeps thinking you've pressed it. We use Gyazo to quickly record and share bugs. After that I throw it on the list, and will keep it in the back of my mind when working on the game. It's never a bad idea to have (someone else) thoroughly bug test your game.

Thanks for reading!