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Hi, I disagree with every other comment. I think this game is too easy (with mods), especially once you get a few key upgrades. It's very easy to exploit Close Call and Last Second Bonus, in particular, since you can just spam scans until you're down to 2 moves, wait until one second is left, and then take the last node... with that strategy I was able to get every upgrade by Floor 12, and I beat the game in about an hour or two. I also think it'd be good if there was a punishment for just spamming "infect" everywhere until you hit a node, which was my main strategy on the floors themselves to avoid detection and get stealth infect bonus money. The mechanics are super duper fun, and by the end I was losing about as much I was winning (but I'd already stockpiled like, $4000). It's a really replay-able game (and I'm REALLY struggling to get past level 15 or so with no mods at all), and I think if you made a second one in a similar vein but with some different mechanic that would be really neat. I'd also love an endless version (you could just take off a second or a move every round until it's impossible if scaling it up past 25 levels is hard) Thank you for the enjoyable experience!!


thanks for the thoughtful feedback!! ive def heard from some ppl that its too easy (esp w being able to exploit those OP mods atm), n ill b doing another update for it @ some point w more mods, balance fixes, n accessibility features like difficulty modes n such! thanks for playing!!