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Hi, I disagree with every other comment. I think this game is too easy (with mods), especially once you get a few key upgrades. It's very easy to exploit Close Call and Last Second Bonus, in particular, since you can just spam scans until you're down to 2 moves, wait until one second is left, and then take the last node... with that strategy I was able to get every upgrade by Floor 12, and I beat the game in about an hour or two. I also think it'd be good if there was a punishment for just spamming "infect" everywhere until you hit a node, which was my main strategy on the floors themselves to avoid detection and get stealth infect bonus money. The mechanics are super duper fun, and by the end I was losing about as much I was winning (but I'd already stockpiled like, $4000). It's a really replay-able game (and I'm REALLY struggling to get past level 15 or so with no mods at all), and I think if you made a second one in a similar vein but with some different mechanic that would be really neat. I'd also love an endless version (you could just take off a second or a move every round until it's impossible if scaling it up past 25 levels is hard) Thank you for the enjoyable experience!!