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im so glad!!! thats what they’re for!!! <3

im so glad this helped!!! <3

thank u!! <3

i extremely empathize w ur sweet cat there

the cat’s had a p rough day n needs to scream into the void to just get it all out :(


im glad, that makes me so happy to hear!!!!! <3

idk who u r but ily too

thank u!! i actually sometimes think its too short! maybe what i might do in the future is make the duration determined by the text? idk! i appreciate the feedback either way!! <3


wow fuck i love this <3


thank u!!! im rlly happy w how they turned out!! <3

I KNOW RIGHT????????

hey hey aedra! ur absolutely right, those mods do need to b nerfed, there’s a big disparity in players who find the game too easy, n those who find it too hard, n the difference is wether or not they take advantage of those mods, which rlly r OP. blitz is a rlly good idea, might def add that! there was initially going to b a counterpart to trade, but it creates a weird issue where if ur low on both, it nullifies both itself n trade. maybe ill have it as a sorta pick one? also i didnt notice that price disparity bug, thank u! i super appreciate all ur feedback n im glad u enjoyed it! hopefully the next version will account for a lotta these issues! :D

thanks for the thoughtful feedback!! ive def heard from some ppl that its too easy (esp w being able to exploit those OP mods atm), n ill b doing another update for it @ some point w more mods, balance fixes, n accessibility features like difficulty modes n such! thanks for playing!!

thank u so much!! might b a hot sec before it gets another update but ive got a bunch of neat ideas/balancing fixes/accessibility features planned for when it does! <3

hey!! yeah u should b able to press f n have it toggle full screen mode!! also its p strange that its too big, but theres a chance that when u exit full screen mode itll set itself to b large but still smaller than ur monitor size? i dont have a linux os to test on, but i hope this helps!! <3

FUCK YEA also thank u!!

thank u so much for playing!! its meant to b a p challenging game that u get better at over time, but the next time i can get around to updating it ill absolutely b adding actual difficulty settings :) also i removed the roguelike descriptor, i still feel it has a decent amount of core features of roguelikes w permadeath n procedurally generated levels, but i def agree it could confuse ppl cause its not what most would think of when they hear roguelike

thank u for the feedback!! <3

thanks for the feedback!! i super do agree having the both the time n action count remaining off to the side of the screen is a bad place for it, a friend suggested it instead b around ur cursor which ill b implementing when i have a chance to come back to it, along w actual difficulty options. im a bit confused abt what u mean when u say the circle around the cursor? the one that follows ur mouse the whole time is just a preview, the scanners cant detect it. also yeah, i should def have made it more clear that when u infect a node by clicking on it, it emits a wave thats intentionally bigger than the default connection range. it becomes more clear later in the game when u can get mods to increase that initial infection radius that it’s separate from the default waves that nodes emit, but rlly, they look way too similar now for sure

thank u so much for playing! <3

tysm, that means a lot to hear!! im super happy that u like it :D also thanks a ton for the tmp steps, i've added them here for other peeps and credited u by linking ur itch, unless u would prefer i linked somewhere else?

ALSO  Helm and Podolski aren't on there but are 2 more FREE synths!! <3

hi!!! so idk what i'm doing for this jam cause i've haven't made any music stuffs in ages, BUT!!

some free resources for stuff put together by my lovely friend Josie (@visagermusic) and it's def worth giving a look through and seeing if there's stuff there you might find handy!! <3

sooooo goooood, maving as a pack feels so powerful :D