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this is so cute i love it!!

thank you so much, im glad you enjoyed it!! i’ll pass along the music compliments, plum really knocked out a real banger for it :)

wowowowow this was so cool and good thank you for making it!!!

yeah exactly!! there’s def a strat involving focusing on revealing your opponent’s cards while keeping yours hidden so that you increase the risk/reward ratio by single card calling a card in the 3rd row with most of the 2nd and 3rd row cards known hehe

thank you for playing!!!

  1. double card calling can’t be done diagonally! only done with cards directly above, below, or to the left/right side

  2. single card call stakes range from 3-15! you can’t single card call a card who’s value you’ve seen, so when there’s 1 card left, it can only be called in the 2nd and 3rd rows which would give you 3 and 4 points respectively! but yes double card call stakes range from 2-6!

  3. yep this is partly why you can’t single card call any card that’s empirically known to you

  4. nope! it’s just whoever gets the highest value at the end of the set! that sounds like fun too, but it’d effectively be just playing the game normally and just calling the winner early i think

oh this is sick as hell!!! can’t wait to see more updates to it!

this is so cool!!!

it’s been ages since i looked at this game but thank u for playing it!! it was my first game and i dont plan on updating it any more, but i appreciate ur thoughts! floor 19’s really good too!! i think there’s either 20 or 25 floors in total, so u were really close :)

hehehehe thank u! :)

Hi hi yes!! Double card calling can be done with any two touching cards as long as one of the cards is still face down! So in the event you have just one card of your own face down, you can still double card call it with another card next to it that’s face up. Also, a card is only known if you’ve seen it with your own eyes, so any of the cards in the row closest to you or any card that’s face up; deductions don’t count! For example, in the instance where you can deduce what a card is with absolute certainty, you can use that information to intentionally make an incorrect call and give your opponent points :)

Hope that answers your questions! Thank you so much for playing!!

thank you im glad you enjoyed it! <3

:) <3

wow thank you so much for the thoughtful and detailed feedback, i really appreciate it!! i havent touched this game in years and i probably won’t again, but you’re super right about everything you mentioned. the balancing and honestly a lot of the UX is kinda wonky, but that’s how it goes for a first game with a single balance patch lmao. im glad you enjoyed playing it anyways! :) <3

since ur the one typing into the text box id say UR the brilliant one!!

awwww thank u!!! <3 <3 <3

omfg lmao i think you might be the first person who’s figured out it’s a crackable code after a little over a year of it being released?? i can finally rest at peace now :)

wow this means SO much to me, thank you for finding a way to tell me :’) my heart is full and my day is made!!! i hope you have a lovely day and enjoy blood void mass whenever u get to playing it!! <3

scream cat really is looking out for the community :’)

i feel SO honoured :’)

EH!?!?! :O

thank u i’m glad we’re all learning the importance of letting off steam :)

hehehehehe so true :)

an inspiration tbh

no rest for the grumpy :’0

thank u, im so glad u liked it!! <3

omg this warms my heart, im so glad u like it :’) <3

ah! im sorry u had to deal w stressful happenings but im SO glad to hear this cheered u up afterwards! :) <3


im so glad you like it!! <3

hey sweet, that sounds super cool! id b super curious n excited to hear abt ur paper if ud like to share! ill hit up ur email abt it :)

updated to HTML5!! doesnt seem to work in chrome or safari, but it seems to work perfectly fine in firefox!

oh, it might be that it’s 32-bit (im not sure if this is the case)? but i can try and make a 64-bit build when i get home if i still have the project! :)

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im glad u had a good time gaming (surveying)! :)

edit i have no idea how to strikethrough in this lmao

i am SO honoured you have no idea

this was so cute and sweet i love it, what a joy :’) <3

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aghhhhhhhhhh god this is so sweet and cool, my heart got all light when they started to whistle and were all :)

aksjdfgakjsgd this is SO cute omg!! im so glad you enjoyed it <3 <3 <3

i just watched plum play it and god what a fucking great time i love this so much

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