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im glad u had a good time gaming (surveying)! :)

edit i have no idea how to strikethrough in this lmao

i am SO honoured you have no idea

this was so cute and sweet i love it, what a joy :’) <3

aghhhhhhhhhh god this is so sweet and cool, my heart got all light when they started to whistle and where :)

aksjdfgakjsgd this is SO cute omg!! im so glad you enjoyed it <3 <3 <3

i just watched plum play it and god what a fucking great time i love this so much

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im so so glad to hear, thank u for telling me :’) <3


im glad u liked it!! trying to grow several super tall rlly is a hard thing to balance but im glad u got to give it a shot :)

everyone can use a little SCREAM sometimes :) <3

I LOVE UR BLOODSONA OMG thank u sm for playing!! <3 <3 <3

thank u!!! love the catharsis

ok!! key rebinding is in, just press TAB to open/close the menu! let me know if u run into any trouble with it :) <3

no key rebinding yet but ill try to have it in by the end of the day!! <3 <3

im glad u like it!!!!

im rlly glad it helped!! <3 n yes! i cant remember if capital letters shake as much as exclams but they both have B O N U S S H A K E :)


wow this made my day, thank u!! im so glad u liked the sound, its my first time doing 100% of the sound design myself n im glad it landed. honestly such a wild ride seeing ppl play ur game for the first time n figure things out as they go, esp for smth as weird n abstract as this.

im not planning on updating it as of right now (aside from fixing any bugs if they come up), but who knows, maybe in time i’ll wanna do smth more w it but for now im happy w where it is :)

would you feel ok with me sharing the video on my twitter?

omg thank u so much, im so glad ur blood trees r so well loved :’) <3

all is as it should b >:)

oh YEAH!! custom css is so much fun to mess around with :)

thank u the vibes were all i was rlly going for so im glad they landed!

that sounds wonderful, im so happy for u n ur blood spike!!

thank u!!! ive also noticed this n have no idea how to fix it but i appreciate the notice! :D

it unironically loves u back <3

u bet they did >:)

thank u i agree

thank U!! im glad u like it!! <3

LMAO THANK U I AGREE!! had no idea what to put for the genre but figured itd b a rlly funny bit if i did, so im glad someone noticed n appreciated it hehe

thank u i find it very cathartic :)

hey! p sure the problem is w reading the save file! this was my first game n i saved everything inside the game’s resource folder, which means if the game’s in a special folder like Downloads, ur OS will try n block it. try moving it onto the desktop or smth n see if it works? otherwise ive heard downloading and playing it through the itch app works as well!

omg im so glad u like it this comment means so much to me :’)

beginning of the free therapy future we’ve all been waiting for

god what a empathetic experience. extremely feeling the resentment n frustration @ hattie + the doc, n incrementally limiting ur mobility space hit SO hard, esp in the v last room

im glad ya got it!!!

this was so good, regularly stabbing me right in the feels. absolutely nailed the aesthetic n the combat feels n sounds so good n chunky

like. i can make it needlessly harder so that the only way to win it is to git gud

thanks for playing!! i just fixed a weird unity bug that makes it move super fast on some browsers n operating systems but it should b fixed now! gonna see if i can add a difficulty slider to the end screen later tonight :)