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First time on my way to work I somehow missed a trigger zone and walked off the far end of the street. Restarting I went exploring a bit and managed to find a gap between the buildings wide enough to fit through.

Second day, had trouble locating the lost and found lockers, as the location was called (nearly) the same thing, but was in a different place, than where the telephone lines were and due to how you approach the workstation, it isn't immediately obvious that its there. I also feel like I missed a narrative bit by wandering around the trolley car as it went up the incline (I got one prompt and just about every where else they came in 3s).

Third day the protagonist notes that the workstation is "just ahead" but its actually outside the building you spawn into (i.e. behind a wall).

Hey Draco! Thanks for all the bug reports, I appreciate your thoroughness! When I get a second to reopen the project files, I'll try to address these. 

The prompts on the incline are based on the choices you choose when you walk home the first day, so it might've been you didn't choose any of the texts options that generated more narrative prompts.

Others have reported the issue about the workstation "just ahead" issue since the character isn't facing that direction, so I understand if that's confusing.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Having walked around the edge of the map, yeah, that might've done it :D