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I really enjoyed this game! The art is beautiful and the puzzles are fun. Unfortunately, I have managed to get myself super stuck. I'm trying to obtain the hidden ending, and I have successfully gotten the password, but now I have no idea what to do. The password screen just seems to show that the ending exists, and I tried replaying the last act to see if I was offered a third choice, but I haven't found anything different. What should I do now?

One of the passwords shows you a code.
That code corresponds to the inputs within a certain level.
This will take you a step closer.
Good luck. : )


Thank you so much for your assistance. After a fair amount of struggling, I was finally able to get the final ending :). I'm going to go play the Existensis demo now, as I've gotten rather attached to this world. You've done such an incredible job!

I'm still stuggling. I got the password from the snake witch, but entering it just shows me the words, "Good, Bad, Hidden". 

I'd assume clicking on them would show each ending, but it doesn't do anything.

PS. Thank you for donating such a unique and beautiful game to the bundle for racial equality. I wouldn't have come across it otherwise. Blm. 

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Password from the Good Ending
Password from the Bad Ending
Password from the Hidden Ending

Entering all three at once will get you something special. 

PS. You're quite welcome, I'm glad I was able to contribute to such a good cause!


Got it. So worth decoding the sequence to get there! [Redacted] looks so rad!