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Got it. So worth decoding the sequence to get there! [Redacted] looks so rad! 

I'm still stuggling. I got the password from the snake witch, but entering it just shows me the words, "Good, Bad, Hidden". 

I'd assume clicking on them would show each ending, but it doesn't do anything.

PS. Thank you for donating such a unique and beautiful game to the bundle for racial equality. I wouldn't have come across it otherwise. Blm. 

Lovely, simple, clean, and comprehensive. 

I hope someday to get a mobile version, so I can check off projects on the go, but as is, it is still a fantastic tool for scatterbrains like myself.

I tend to have multiple personal projects, like learning to code and working on some creative writing, at the same time, so it can be easy to lose track of one while focused on another, or feel like I'm not making progress, because I'm splitting my time in such small pieces. 

Tape gives me the piece of mind of an organized planner while also having the simplicity and pretty colors my ADHD brain responds well to. Full marks. 

Personally I prefer the caps because they make me less fussy about punctuation, but yes, accessibility must come first. 

Perhaps it should be a setting one can set.