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Really well done, quick notable by the fact that diagonals move speed are equals to the others (by rotating, the ship create a circle, not a square like many famous crappy games).

Here my contribution to who is crying for the gamepad controls. ;) This guide is usable for "Project SHMOOP 1" also.

Extract the game exe with 7z, you'll se all game files and the REAL "shmoop2.exe".

Open "XInput Plus" (sites.google.com/site/0dd14lab), choose the new "shmoop2.exe" file, and swap buttons as you like (will be created custom dlls in the some folder and a ini file). Also you can disable all buttons ad use Xpadder (v5.2 is better, it doesn't dirty your system) to do the job.

Obviously, the best commands are:

X = Shot; A = Bomb; LB = Burst; RB = Speed.

X-Input controllers (Xbox 360/one, ps3/4 with wrappers) should work out of the box, but D-Input controllers (Like various old Logitechs and ps4/ps4 controllers without wrappers) need an external tool. I'd recommend x360ce over a keyboard mapping tool, since it would allow you to properly use analog sticks.