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This is amazing, and I'll definitely use for projects.
Just one thing...
What exactly happens when you disable border and then minimize? Because it creates a new window without having minimized the borderless, and then when you return it splits.

Easily avoidable by re-enabling border before minimizing, but I would like to know why that happens, and if it is intended.
Also, when that happens, it can't be closed through the X.

Window Commands like functions all apply to the frame, so using minimize command with frame disabled minimizes the frame, causing it to become visible but not attached to the game window. As mentioned in my comment below, the extension is currently undergoing a rewrite so it is not clear whether it is worth backporting a fix for this.

It's great that it's going to be updated! Will working code for this be compatible, just needing to replace the extension?
If not, please try to, I'd like to already start using this. hahaha

I haven't used this extension in over a year. I found game breaking bug now developing a project in gm2.3 and went online looking to see if you have updated it. Found my answer I trust you to fix in the rewrite, thanks for all your hard work Yellow.