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Thank you for trying it out! Good that you liked it!
Great that it's not too difficult, that's means it doesn't have a too steep progression, and that we managed to have you understand the concepts. That's great!
To be fair, we are dealing with very complicated mechanics, it can't be too difficult in a demo, but we do have many ideas on how to improve, grow and make a great game out of it! Hopefully, it will become a reality!

Thank you for the notice on the sawblade level. It is something very simple to fix. Thank you for trying the game, I hope you got satisfied by the end, we do have many ideas on how to increase and improve the project. :)

Alternating between "It's higher" and "It's lower" increments the guessed value, leading to numbers higher than 1000

The fact that guess # 7 was 777 is amazing.
Wrong, but amazing.

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Hey can it possibly be updated to threat special characters? It makes gamemaker go boom and unable to filter the replacements.
Literally, for "água" file being loaded in, string_char_at(2) is the second "a", instead of "g", and I just can't even ignore the special one and get "gua", because "gu" are ghosts.

It's great that it's going to be updated! Will working code for this be compatible, just needing to replace the extension?
If not, please try to, I'd like to already start using this. hahaha

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This is amazing, and I'll definitely use for projects.
Just one thing...
What exactly happens when you disable border and then minimize? Because it creates a new window without having minimized the borderless, and then when you return it splits.

Easily avoidable by re-enabling border before minimizing, but I would like to know why that happens, and if it is intended.
Also, when that happens, it can't be closed through the X.