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Okay, managed to finish it.

I feel like this has the same problem as Pokemon: battles are over too fast for status moves and complex strategy to be worthwhile. I often beat enemies through raw force long before fire (let alone memory leak) did significant damage. They're somewhat more worthwhile during boss battles, but I often had to spend so many turns cleaning and healing that I couldn't set them up.

I did actually manage to end up using some (but I don't think a majority) of my items up in the final battle, which did make me glad I stole so many battery packs at the start, but I still think keeping the items you steal is pretty overpowered for the long-term game. Just as items stolen by enemies are refunded after battle, I think it would be fair to not gain enemy items permanently.

Deadline, especially Team Deadline, was crazy overpowered due to it also filling your danger meter at double rate. This led to a cascade effect with Team Deadline, where I had already recharged my danger meter by the time it expired. Scope Stab didn't seem to get much of a damage boost, at least not enough to disincentivize Deadline. The final boss negating your deadline was good, but... he only did it once, was that intentional? Once I got Team Deadline going I crushed him thanks to action economy -- his huge HP pool didn't do him any good when I was getting six turns to his one.

I didn't realize items could be sold until very late. I don't know if I missed something, but it might do well to make that clearer.

The music was unfortunately not very memorable. Many of them had very obvious and jarring loop points; you might want to look into smoothing those in future projects.

Otherwise it was pretty fun, 3/5. (And was the implication in the ending that Drew was the hacker king?)

Thanks for playing to the end! Not Drew at the end, but a different character. They definitely look similar, though.

We appreciate the feedback and will consider these points in future versions of the game. Thanks again!