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This really was a rip-roaring horror romp! I leapt in expecting a short little spooky experience and left a broken, gibbering wreck.

The basic premise is that you find yourself in a library, despite not being in a library when you fell asleep. It all seems quite quaint and peaceful but something feels off. And the more time you spend in this place the more eerie it seems. Thus begins your quest to get out of here before you see things you'd rather not.

The game is in essence a puzzle-based psychological horror experience, and it ticks so many goosebumpy boxes! Throughout the library's bookshelves you'll find notes from people who've been there before you and excerpts from books that seem like they've been left there for you to find on purpose.

So, can you escape this place? Has anyone else managed to escape? Only way you can find out is get this little gem downloaded and give it a try for yourself! =)

(I noticed there's been some updates since I played too, which means I may have to go right back and play it some more myself!)


Thanks a bunch for the kind words, Mikey! We really appreciate knowing we're doing something right!