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Very enjoyable experience. Biggest gripe was the sounds, just not mixed very well, some stuff was a little abrasive (I think the food noise not sure). Almost everything was destroyed because I didn't build any towers. Eventually built back up making sure everything was covered - it doesn't seem like you'd ever need the 4 worker (!) tower upgrade. It actually seems really hard to lose but that's not what I was playing for and I guess you've got the difficulty slider in there. Overall fun, visually beautiful game. Congrats :)

edit: 57 people!


I definitely agree with you on the sound, I had a lot of trouble just trying to get it realtively balanced in-game, from all kinds of crazy varying volume. I suppose it's my fault for throwing Billy in the deep end, asking him to crank out sounds before the game jam ended.

I'm very much so wanting to do a lot more with the audio in a future update, when the judging is over, I think it's really important towards how fun a game feels; so I'll probably go over balancing it when we manage to get around to that.

I'm very glad you had fun with the game! And I definitely appreciate the feedback.

57 People is pretty much the same as what I win with, Billy's highest score was 1111 people, but he's painfully talented at these types of games.