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The Big Sleep

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looks really cool, but looking towards the trees dropped the frame rate into the 20s on the lowest resolution setting. :( Win 7 GTX 750 Ti 16GB ram

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Very enjoyable experience. Biggest gripe was the sounds, just not mixed very well, some stuff was a little abrasive (I think the food noise not sure). Almost everything was destroyed because I didn't build any towers. Eventually built back up making sure everything was covered - it doesn't seem like you'd ever need the 4 worker (!) tower upgrade. It actually seems really hard to lose but that's not what I was playing for and I guess you've got the difficulty slider in there. Overall fun, visually beautiful game. Congrats :)

edit: 57 people!

Good game! Sounds and visuals are tight. I started to get bored around 186. Do the enemies ever get higher than 15? I didn't feel challenged.

I really like this game, but it's too easy. Counsel and magic are OP. Looks great though.

We'll keep this in mind as we continue playtesting. Thanks again for playing!

Hey fellowplayer, thanks for the feedback! Are you playing on a laptop/getting a good framerate? We didn't optimize for laptops so that might be the cause of the control responsiveness.