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Hello Greebles! I have been using these cards to play computer solitaire - they're four distinct colors while still being very clean and visually interesting, which I've found to be a surprisingly rare combination. I'd be happy to share back my PySolFC configuration file, if you'd like to include (or just have for your own use) a drop-in way to play with the cards.

I do want to mention a couple of technical modifications I made or am considering making to my copy:

  • Most important, I added a seventh diamond to my copy of the Seven of Diamonds. In the downloadable edition, all versions of the 7D have only six pips, where the other sevens have seven.
  • I'm also considering sharpening the top of the letter A on the aces, for readability in a stack. Solitaire games often pile cards very deep, which can cover the bottom half of the rank symbol, making it hard for me to tell the difference between Q, A, and 9 in this style. (Well, making me fall back to the tiny text on the border.)

Thank you again for making this visually appealing cardset, and thank you for participating in the BLM bundle!


You found a missing PIP! 

Thank you for the notice of changes and for the error-catch!

The Full PKG has been updated with the 7D fix for everybody and I threw in a limited color version if you wanna grab it too.

Also, the has the needed fix and the extra art too.

Again, thank you, it means a lot! 


You're very welcome! The fix looks good, and thank you as well!