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Alright, I finally got my hands on the tech demo (was confused from the new build a few days ago and did a few races before realizing that it wasn't the tech demo).
(By the way, sadly, even in the newest build, the menu runs a poor framerate still, but this time I'm testing on, like, a Ryzen processor, not my 8 year old Macbook. 🙈)

I really like the floatiness of the ships. It's hard to get used to, but getting the turns just right feels very satisfying and I feel the new handling forces me to use the brakes more often (which I normally just don't). I'll try to run a few more rounds later.
Not exactly sure how I feel about the 3D effect compared to the raw look of the non-techdemo build.

Weird, the menu runs at a bad framerate but the game runs smooth? is that right?

Yeah I want to make braking more important, 3D will definitely be optional, I like it but I also love the pure topdown too.

I think the new physics feels more like "hovercars" should feel with still keeping with the general feel of Vektor, but it is a big change.

I like options! 😎

OBS didn't act up yesterday, so here you go:

Hmm it seems smooth and expected behaviour to me. I think maybe it's the just glitchy effect which is making it seem like low fps. 

You're right, it looks weird, I'm especially looking on the marquee texts on some screens. But it's always this way when the glitchy effect kicks in. That explains a lot. :D