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Hi, Just stumbled across this game on SideQuest and absolutely love it! Super potential and great fun already - good for a ski fix in the summer...!

Wee bit of feedback, would you consider a free-play option of some kind? I love the environments but I don't really want to try and complete the course super quick, I just want to have a chill 'ski'. Also, found myself confused why I kept dying/losing until I found your comments here so may be worth making more clear, even if not in the tutorial yet.

Thanks! I'll be looking forward to further developments and if I can contribute money to development at all I'd love to!

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated! There is a free-play option in the game. You unlock it by completing the course "high altitude" its the black course in the top left corner of the map.

One of the things prioritization atm is making the tutorial better at explaining the rules of the game. As well as communicating the optimal way of controlling skies.