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Hello, thanks for your kind words! It makes me happy that you enjoyed the game. I do not accept donations. Instead, the game will get a paid release within a few months (Q1 2021). The paid release will add more courses, music, features, and polish. More of everything:)

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated! There is a free-play option in the game. You unlock it by completing the course "high altitude" its the black course in the top left corner of the map.

One of the things prioritization atm is making the tutorial better at explaining the rules of the game. As well as communicating the optimal way of controlling skies. 

Hello, sorry for the late answer. Thanks for trying the game and its even better that you enjoyed it;) I've tried playing around with the capture settings through ADB. Recording 16:9 video is tempting but it just crops to much of the vertical FOV. But I'll try to bump up the resolution next time. As for contributing to the project. Its always really helpful with feedback, especially regarding things you found annoying or not working so well. I've set up a Discord channel if you wanna come in and talk more in detail

Hi, Thanks for the feedback!

The game are evolving faster then the tutorial, so to clarify things:

The orange ring in the HUD displays a countdown timer that ticks down with each beat. When the rings becomes empty its game-over. Your speed and control scales with how filled the ring is.

You refill the ring by clearing gates (the red and blue things dropping from the sky) You simply have to pass between them from either direction. 

Then there is the power-ups and power-downs. Power-ups have a chance of spawning upon clearing gates. They are rotating golden rings as a nod to Sonic:) And you collect them by running over them or striking with your ski-stick. Successfully collected power-ups refills the timer as well as give a permanent speed  boost.

Power-downs on the other hand spawn if you fail to clear gates. They are black and should be avoided!

The music is used to determine when things spawn and when you intersect them. If you fall into the correct rhythm the game becomes easier. But there is still a lot of tuning needed on that part.