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My gosh. This is probably the most stunning game I have ever played. Simple mechanics and set in a single location, but as far as the visuals, the dialogue, the story - this is an absolute work of art. The dialogue feels so natural and approachable, these are things I could imagine myself saying.

I have played it through once, and I feel the calmest and lightest I have in months, like I've just been cleaned of all that was dragging me down.

I could not recommend much in my life more than I recommend Far from Noise.

Lovely short game, beautiful narration.

Probably the fastest a game has brought me to tears (in a good way!)

Thank you so much for making this <3

Hi, Just stumbled across this game on SideQuest and absolutely love it! Super potential and great fun already - good for a ski fix in the summer...!

Wee bit of feedback, would you consider a free-play option of some kind? I love the environments but I don't really want to try and complete the course super quick, I just want to have a chill 'ski'. Also, found myself confused why I kept dying/losing until I found your comments here so may be worth making more clear, even if not in the tutorial yet.

Thanks! I'll be looking forward to further developments and if I can contribute money to development at all I'd love to!

Beautiful puzzle game with some great mechanics and a lovely calm feeling. Highly recommend.

Very interesting premise, stunning art-style, looking forward to seeing more! Like other people I noted down so much, I like the idea of needing to for the full game!

Lovely game, calm and relaxing (the music very much helped with that), yet thought provoking in a fairly straightforward, simple way.

The look of the game, music and 'story' were fantastic, and I enjoyed every second playing it.