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Man, normally when playing a demo or VN i have a pretty clear hint on who I'm going to like most, and I don't really know this time.

(okay thats a lie I obviously love Tuck the most but since he doesn't count atm i'm going to pretend i'm unbiased)

I thought I was going to dislike Will,  despite his beautiful design, but damnit the cheeky mf pretending not to know how to dance, I'm not sure why it was so cute to me.

John is just such a sweetheart, and I love that all the guys so far have a little mischievous streak, it makes their personalities seem more rounded. He's probably the character I most love aesthetically, but I just don't have a favorite yet ;~; 

Robin I thought was going to be kind of a standard prince character, but he's ALSO a cheeky mf lol I think he's so endearing, I can't wait to follow the development a little more and meet the other characters. Sorry if this was a little too wordy, I'm super excited /o/

Happy to be able to subvert your expectations a bit!  :D