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When I was playing through Jason's route, I ended up getting text from Alex's route instead? And then it went back to Jason's before I got an error and it closed the game. I'm sorry I'm not super specific on when it happened, I can try to go back when I wake up and find the scenes that glitched

I think the intro is a bit... fast-paced? It kind of rushes by a lot of the events and we're introduced to everyone almost too quickly, but I think the concept is very interesting and I think just a little more fluff in the beginning to fill it out a bit would be good, but it's still a great start either way! Very excited to see how this develops~

Hello! I want to say that I really love this game, I've been following kind of silently for awhile, and I noticed in the discord you were posting progress images of the characters, I didn't want to say anything at first but i don't know, it's kind of an unpopular opinion but here we go.

I think the new sprites don't look good, the MC"s shoulder looks a little large in comparison to everything else, and everything is just so dark, I understand it's a dark themed VN, but when the background is dark, the story is dark, and the characters are dark too? There's no real contrast, unlike the original that had darker backgrounds and brighter looking characters, they were a little easier to see, but now it's just a lot of black shading on black. I don't want to sound too harsh, I just want to offer another perspective, Tom's sprite especially. I think his jaw is set a little too low, it looks more like he has wider cheeks instead of a wider jaw, it's a tad unflattering, which is a little unfortunate as Tom is probably my favorite character. Charlie is also very dark, it's just a lot of black shading, and I don't want to discourage you or make you think i'm trying to just be negative, I think the story is fantastic and the scenery is beautiful, I just think having especially dark characters with dark backgrounds is a mistake visually, and some of the anatomy is a bit off. Obviously not all art will be perfect, and always striving to improve is a good trait, so I hope this doesn't come off as toxic, criticizing always gives me a bit of anxiety because I'm worried it will be taken as just insults and not constructive like I want it to be, I just want to help a little if I can, and i know people will probably disagree with me, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, I think the older sprites were more visually appealing, even if they weren't anatomically correct, but it's also a personal opinion. I'm really looking forward to the development of this VN, and I hope to support it however I can. I'm really sorry if I caused any offense ;~: 

Alright the artstyle had me thrown for a loop at first, and i didn't really think it would be my kind of story, but I read a couple of the other reviews and everyone else seemed pretty blown away, so i gave it a shot and like

I got no sleep playing this visual novel okay

I was up until like 4am finishing Noct's route and holy fuck

Yknow how you "lol" but you dont really laugh? Jazz made me actually laugh out loud and it was just a really really good story, 


I really really love carol and noct and the families and it was just too wholesome for my toxic heart and I can't appreciate u enough  ok ty

god I played this forever ago and i still think about it, it left such a weirdly lasting impact on me that I can't explain, I romanced the guide my first time through and it was such a weirdly bittersweet thing that it stuck with me, sometimes I wished for a happier ending but I think that might be why i still think about it, because it was so heckin beautiful and it left me with a hole in my girly soul, the voice acting was great and honestly i love the horror/romance vibe, i wish it was more popular, not the spooky vampire stuff but genuine horror, like this, stuff that I really should not be playing at 2 in the morning but I do anyway because i'm irresponsible. Sorry i'm rambling a bit, i've recently been looking into more VNs of this genre and Lake of voices is the standard I keep comparing them all to, my weak heart can't take it ;~: 

There definitely wasn't a lot of time for character development, I felt like the jump from strangers to friends to love interests was a bit abrupt, the characters personalities didn't have a chance to feel very consistent because of the time frame that the content was pushed into, but I think I remember reading at the end that this was just sort of a test run or preview, I could be wrong though since it's been awhile since I actually first played it. The good thing though is that it's been maybe a few weeks since I downloaded it, and I still liked it enough that I tried finding it again (cause i'm dumb and couldn't remember the name lol) I liked Jinx a lot and went for him first because i'm a sucker for the crazy ones, so I really am looking forward to seeing if the story gets fleshed out anymore. Im really sorry if this comes off as too negative or anything, I really like the story and the characters, I'm just a bit excited to see more of it :x

this is the 2nd time i've seen you just say "hmmmm" on a game lmao maybe re-work a greeting so it comes off a little less odd

I thought I was going to like August the least because of their stoic intro, but they're such a blushy bby and i love them so much it hurts, Omen is also my precious bun and as embarrassing as it is i cant wait to see if my little shy demon spices up a bit >:3c

Lowkey glad its 18+ because the story and characters are so sinfully good I can't help but want some s t e a m

love this so much, I stayed up until 4 in the morning just to play it all the way through. I did have some glitches but the game was still so enjoyable, Loveless is forever my favorite character >u>