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Of the dozen or so games I've tried out the huge bundle so far this is the first one that really jumped out as something more than just good or worthwhile. It reminds me a bit of Tiny & Big or TRI: of Friendship and Madness not in terms of mechanics but in terms of a certain kind of... indie energy, these ideas large in scope that these small teams managed to wrangle and mold into something that feels unique and of their very own. I've never bothered to leave a comment on itch before, but this game basically left me with no choice but to do so and say truly well done.

After a certain point I realized I had not seen those black rods with glowing tips that indicate a checkpoint in quite a long time and what followed was the most tense set of jumps I may have made in a game in my life.

I have no idea how one would beat this game in 30 minutes on their initial climb, it took me about two hours...

Thank god I only discovered this game once it allowed you to save your progress :)

Thanks for the high praise!

And thanks for introducing me to two interesting games :)