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hiya, is there perhaps a walkthrough? i wanna get all the endings :D


Haha, I haven't written a walkthrough, per se, but the different endings are pretty easy to get:

The best way to get all three endings in one playthrough is to shoot for the romance most of the way through. Be kind to him and avoid picking any options that remind him he's not human. Treating him like he's a person is the most important thing to keep in mind and it should build his "Like" stat high enough that it'll keep all of the paths open to you.





Toward the end, when Silas fixes up the pod, you should agree to use it immediately in order to get the friendship and nonromance endings. After you wake up, choose the option that says something like "You haven't heard anyone say it that way in a long time," for the nonromance end. To get the friendship ending, choose the option that asks about what happened to Silas instead.

For the romance, you should try to avoid using the pod as long as you can. It'll start an argument with him, which is how you'll know you're on the right track. Just before you use the pod - this is key - MAKE HIM PROMISE to be there when you wake up. And you should be good!