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Nice! I loved how the cutscenes play. About the gameplay, I just think that the level design of the first level( the collectable key ones from the first demo) was much more enjoyable than  the battery one. Idk, it just felt different to me, maybe I would be more confortable with shorter levels with a proper gameover idk. I really liked it nevertheless. The anime op and ending was genius. And I really like the world you created! Are you going to put together all episodes into a full game someday?


Hey thanks for the kind words first of all. :) I do see what you mean and I admit it is an interesting point of view. It was a bit easier to find yourself around, right? I tried to compensate for that with differently colored areas. Maybe I need a few more unique things in each path to make it more clearer?
Yes absolutely. In the end I will combine all episodes into a full game. Though I want to keep the episodic nature to give the impression of an actual Anime TV series. :D

 I will keep following the project and see how it's going to evolve! The end monster reminded me of Mimi from Super Paper Mario and the main char reminded me of Mischief Makers mc. And also that giant blueish head that appeared at the corridor was totally unexpected :O


Thank you. :)
I had a lot of different inspirations for this. Mishief Makers was one of them though. As well as Mega Man Legends, Dr. Slump and a few others. Had to look up Mimi, nut totally get what you mean haha. :D 
The blue head is actually story relevant, believe it or not. :)