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Thanks for the information.  I'll   try   your suggestions  then report back to you.  I'm very busy at the moment, so it'll probably be later this week at the earliest.  Regards Whiterabbit

p.s. I emailed a reply as well.

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Hi again.

Instead of searching for MadCowBalls2 "Start Safe mode(No game launcher)" you can use (marked in red). I didnt think of this workaround before and it will also be easier if someone else faces the same issue. Stats that make you complete Cow Progress and Steam Achievements will still be saved.

  • Green: Game lanucher.
  • Blue: Stand alone installer (Cure OS issues, play the game without Steam).
  • Black: Screensaver setup.
  • Red: Start the game without the launcher.

Martin Eriksson

Okay, it's working now. your last update must have done the trick.    Would love to see the  original  free version included with this one on Steam, maybe add as a free dlc.  ;)