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I really like the whole gothic horror vibe you guys whent for here, and I think that you captured it very well! My only complaint is that the game was a bit too short for me haha, but I have to commend you on the playability of it, specially during the oil part. I think it was a a clever way to include a puzzle without going out of context!
The only change I'd make is maybe paying a bit more of attention to the sound design. Not necessarily adding music as such, but some ambience sounds or footsteps would add a lot to the atmosphere you're shooting for. Also, places like the room's  hallway are a bit hard to find since the entrance doesn't give the aspect of being such; I'd reccomend switch the door location, or adding some small detail that'd make it clearer that it IS a hallway, like a rug or something alike.

Overall, nice short gothic game!

Thank you very much for playing the game and for your complete review and suggestions!
You're right, the story is short, and the sound design it's quite weak. Originally the game was developed to study RPG Mager MV.  

Besides other projects, I'm currently working on a remaking, developed on Godot Engine with a longer story, better graphics for the characters, and proper sounds. I will start to share work in progress in the next weeks.

Great! Will look forward to the updates, then!