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I don't really feel I can write a review of Orion Trail without at least mentioning the trauma of playing Oregon Trail back in hs. It's amazing the attachments humans will make, and that was back on a Apple 2e with a floppy drive and green CRT screen. I hated it when family members died, and they always would. Orion Trail picks up all these years later in outer space as the captain of a Galaxy Force ship. There's a lot of similarity in gameplay, and both are intended as educational aides (don't run with scissors, don't travel west by wagon), but I think Orion Trail strikes a new balance for me with inside jokes and the blessed lightness of humor. Still, it can get a bit dicey at times, and I found myself flashing back to the movie U-571 and how heavy the mantle of leadership can be. (10/10) Ten clams at Itch dot io (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Greetings, ancientsunlight!

Ah! I'm so glad to see you've taken away one of the most valuable lessons from Orion Trail: running with scissors is indeed dangerous! We certainly appreciate the clams, and hope you continue to enjoy that nostalgia.