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Great question, adil3tr. There is indeed a VR version of Orion Trail. Unfortunately, this is not that version. But, we still think it's pretty cool.

If the idea of traversing the Orion Trail in virtual reality tickles your fancy, you can get the VR version over on the Oculus Store for Rift or Gear.

Rift --

Gear --

PapitoMyKing, you're a star. And trust us, we know all about stars. Our game takes place in space. (Write what you know, and all that!)

Thanks for the praise.

Thanks, bix1521! What happens in space, doesn't necessarily stay in space; but, we'll take those odds. AND the compliments.

All of the thanks, dauphie! We're so glad you enjoyed your experience with Orion Trail and appreciate you sharing your space logs (and burgers) with us here. Not only is our game hilarious, fun, and well done -- but so was your playthrough, Bingie Gingies. 


Wow, maxybaer123! That's a lot of detailed steps! Are you an asteroid? Cause you rock!

We're really sorry you couldn't get the game to work on the current MacOS, moehong. Unfortunately, our scanners don't pick up any major updates coming to the game anytime soon... I blame the Redshirts.
With that said, hopefully maxybaer123's little guide can help in the meantime.

No, AudreyHeartburn: YOU'RE so good!

Hellow KeronCyst,

Well, well, will. You noticed! We're terribly sorry about those few little hiccups. Personally, I blame the Redshirts. Our star logs have already been transmitted, so unfortunately, we can't promise any updates at this time.

Thank you, MasterProject!

It can be pretty difficult swimming in space... but we're glad to hear you liked our jokes and sweet, sweet pixel art!

Greetings, ancientsunlight!

Ah! I'm so glad to see you've taken away one of the most valuable lessons from Orion Trail: running with scissors is indeed dangerous! We certainly appreciate the clams, and hope you continue to enjoy that nostalgia.

Salutations, tozka!

We love hearing you think Orion Trail is out of this world! You know what they say: Die once, try again. Die three times, keep trying. Die a fourth time, well... you'll get it eventually. Keep aiming for the stars!

Please add this free game to your special collection. Thank you!

We'd like to submit Orion Trail.