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I don't really feel I can write a review of Orion Trail without at least mentioning the trauma of playing Oregon Trail back in hs. It's amazing the attachments humans will make, and that was back on a Apple 2e with a floppy drive and green CRT screen. I hated it when family members died, and they always would. Orion Trail picks up all these years later in outer space as the captain of a Galaxy Force ship. There's a lot of similarity in gameplay, and both are intended as educational aides (don't run with scissors, don't travel west by wagon), but I think Orion Trail strikes a new balance for me with inside jokes and the blessed lightness of humor. Still, it can get a bit dicey at times, and I found myself flashing back to the movie U-571 and how heavy the mantle of leadership can be. (10/10) Ten clams at Itch dot io (Windows, Mac, Linux)

I don't often cry while playing video games, but then I played Dungeons & Lesbians (2018) and, well. Maybe crying while playing video games is okay, and sometimes even a welcome cathartic release. It's very sweetly done, and the whole thing was written in five days according to the author. Apparently if you're not familiar with circa 2018 tumblr humor, you may miss some things, but I'm not, and I don't feel overly deprived. Actual d&d / rpg experience completely unnecessary, tho it may contribute to snorting milk out yer nose. I've only figured out 4 of the 6 endings, suspect the other two are cryptids. Now playing at Itch dot io for 4 bucks with a begware option