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Found another issue today: If the game "crashes" (i.e., Game Maker pops up an error window), window_frame_host.exe doesn't exit and just sticks around forever.

Also, if I'm in full-screen (via window_frame_set_fullscreen(true)) and I'm not running through the IDE/runner (found in a YYC package build specifically) game maker's error popups show behind the game so I can't see them and I can only close them or exit the game by pressing "enter"

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Fullscreen simply hides away the frame window and runs the regular fullscreen, so I'm not sure if that's something on my part or a more general Windows quirk.

There is in-progress work to make the DLL spawn a secondary thread instead of a separate process (which fixes oddities related to that), but that involves rewriting entirety of the code so may take a bit before it's out.