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Hey there, I've just uploaded version 0.2.9b with a few hotfixes.

There's new instruction text in the controls rebinding screen. In a few weeks when I have the time I will fully implement resetting keys to default. In the meantime the workaround should work. Apologies for the inconvenience.

The reason why theres 2 axis for Thrust and you can invert them or not is because some Joysticks Register 2 axis as 1 axis. and vice versa (1 axis as 2 axis) which is why the configuration works like that for now.

I'll try to fix that in the future.

The Su-27A is the only aircraft in the current demo. I will be adding more soon.

Please let me know how it goes.


Hi RB, the hotfixes with the instructions are great. Nonetheless, I seem to share Echoco's problem with the sticky thumbstick controls as well. I would roll or pitch with the sticks, and when I release them, the plane sometimes goes back to a neutral position, but more often than not it keeps going in the same direction. I might be having stick drift here, but I've done all I can to check that that's not the case. Could you see if there's anything you can do on your end?

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Hey ghost, is it a deadzone issue? I'll be adding those in the next update hopefully. I'll have to see this in video to have a better idea I think.

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I'm using a PS3 style controller (Giotech VX-2 if you must know), with x360ce to make it compatible. With or without the deadzone setting in the emulator, my problem still occurs.

I've tested the controller on another game (Rebel Galaxy) with the x360ce as well, and I didn't experience this problem.
EDIT: added a video (

Hmm okay, can you show me what the controls settings screen for your pitch and roll looks like?


Control Settings : (

Hi, How did you make the X360CE emulator work with the game? I have a control of xbox 360 but I want to play with my Sidewinder FF2 joystick, I do not want to use it in a native way since it is a joystick with Force Feedgback the vibration to accelerate the plane to the maximum I think I will not feel it unless I emulate the control of xbox 360 with the Sidewinder FF2 Joystick, I am using x360ce_X64.exe, it is already configured but inside the game it does not recognize me. Where should I paste the three emulator files in the main folder? Attached a link with the capture of the three files in the main folder .. I hope you can help the X360 control emulator works..Thanks

start x360_ce64 then go to game setting select 64 and check boxes x-imput 1-2-3-4 and save ,, then go to controller assign all keys etc. etc. then save the whole and close x360_ce. <then the="" x360ce.ini="" files="" and="" 4="" ximput="" 1-2-3-4="" copy="" them="" to="" project="" wingman="" binaries="" win64.<="" span="">
<then the="" x360ce.ini="" files="" and="" 4="" ximput="" 1-2-3-4="" copy="" them="" to="" project="" wingman="" binaries="" win64.<="" span="">copy ce.ini and ximput 1,2,3,4 ---> project wingman-binaries-win64
Start the game, use the cursor to move and make the controller settings on:</then>

  1) key bindings and set the commands beside the letters of the keyboard NO the letters but the relative window beside or below and set the keys of the controller
2) go to axix binding and complete the gamepad controller settings, NO the keyboard letters
n.b ximput 1 and 2 (ps1 and ps2 controller) optional, This way you can usually use all kinds of gamepads