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Is it just me, or is the game HEAVILY BIASED towards the wolf? I played 5 games, some of them 2 player games where I controlled each side! It seems there are many ways for the wolf to win, but not a lot for the pigs....

Not to mention, money felt pretty worthless. I never ran out, on either side, and even if the wolf didn't have any money, he could win with reputation or quality. 

I'd rather be in the wrong, maybe I just don't know how to play the game well, but I would still like to know how to fix these issues before I challenge a friend.


Yeah, I played as the pigs and brought down the Wolf's reputation to 0%. Then the next event would have sent him into the negatives, but it wouldn't let me, and even then the game still continued! I guess there is a minimum number of turns or something before the game ends.

Yea, each play spans seven days, one turn for the Wolf and one turn for the Pigs per day.

Hmm, the endings are pretty balanced. You might have just had a run of luck that favored the wolf.

Are the "employed" endings considered a draw? Or a minor victory in The Wolf's favor?

If the latter, is there a minor victory in The Pig's favor?