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Finally it's here! -and yes I played it despite the little test bug appearing~-

I loved it so far, like a lot! (I feared mostly that the Android would only changed to fit our taste (and it creeped me out), but it's nicely done regarding that aspect -I won't say too much to not spoil-.
The writing was really nice and pleasant, fitting to the context and all (I must agree with other that I would gladly want an update when time allow you to have the extras with the other job -I personnally took Journalist first, and conitnued, but I would like to try others too ^v^-). Silas was nice and cute, and I would like to see more of him, like how he would developp more in time (ending broke my heart, thrice!).
The sprite art was delightful, even if quite stiff (I liked the coloring, anatomy and stuff, but the posing itself, especially on MC, since she's human,was really unatural imo). I was surprised by the difference in art with the CG, since I didn't noticed there would be two artists, my bad 8'D But they were so cute, and I will only say "nice ass!" ;)

Only problem is that I can't unlock the romantic path... (first try was at 89 at the end (didn't care about good or bad answers, just played for myself 8D) but didn't got it, I tried to go for a full score (if we needed a perfect to unlock it), still no romance...).
I then tried to use the test space (despite being reluctant because, no cheat QAQ), and manage to see where it should turn into romance buuut... I didn't finish it (I wanna get there by myself QAQ).
Question is(for when the version will be corrected ^v^) : is it related to the amount of point we must have for this dialogue to unlock at specific time (but I was around 80+ at that time...), or is the "false/true" aspect of the test space lock/unlock this possibility and thus prevent me to get a full experience? QAQ

(Sorry for the writing block >///<)

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I don't mind at all, and I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the embarrassing failure of an upload we put out! ^^' The new version is the correct one!

The new version also has corrected the script so that the romance path is actually possible, this time! (89 in his LIKE stat is incredible! I didn't even know it could go that high o.O) Min and I had a bit of a miscommunication, and we accidentally set up a variable for romance when there were no triggers for it, because romance is the default! We didn't notice in testing, because we were just able to switch it when necessary. This is now fixed.

So, so sorry about all the confusion! Hope you enjoy the update!

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"(...) we accidentally set up a variable for romance when there were no triggers for it, because romance is the default (...)"

Oh man. That's what I was wondering while playing! Somehow Silas seemed lonely but very tentative about socializing, and it felt like whenever the MC reacted negatively or with distrust, that enforced his own more and more until he was basically emulating a toaster.  No surprise that the 'normal' (well, I'd rather say 'paranoid') route was dull. Since the MC expected him to be dull and anything else would have freaked her out. The droid would have to be suicidar to show anything resembling will. in these conditions . 

Thought I admit it might have been interesting to see him call her on her bull, or to actually try to get rid of her sooner, being increasingly less sensitive about her comfort.