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I really love this--this is what Spore should have been! Detailed creature creation that requires a lot of trial and error (and critical thinking).

I'll admit I haven't played long, but I have a few suggestions: More in-depth tutorial (to explain the advantages of certain bones, organs, etc), adding things to stimulate a sensor (like food or rocks),  a way to 'pivot' pieces after you've placed them, keeping the point of contact the same, but adjusting the angle, and a more intuitive menu while in-game (for some reason, I can only seem to find the volume options from the main menu). 

I love the direction this is going and I will definitely continue playing!

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Cool, thanks for the suggestions!

I've wrestled with the problem of how to teach the game a LOT. I've tried the voiced intro tutorial, a series of zachtronics-style levels, in-game contextual help menus, real-world manuals, and now the lego-style guides. Did you see those guides? They're very new, and I'd love to hear what does and doesn't work about them.

✔️ re: sensors that react to different objects. I also want to give people more control over tuning things like range and sensitivity.

You're the first to mention wanting to pivot pieces after placing them..... what do you think would be a good UI for that? People are already holding the mouse down when they're modifying a limb. Maybe if they drag an existing limb while holding down shift or something?


What if you do it like spore with a circle popping up around the limb to show the angle relative to the part it's joined to, and allow a "selected" limb to be rotated by clicking and dragging the circle?