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very epic game ciggy man

i apologize. it loaded as soon as i posted that

game would not even load. i am very disappointed in you ciggy man:(

dang it okay

when whill the apple versoin exis?t

this is. THE epicest game i have EVER played. I love paul

really good but the grammer issues made me un horny :(

i'm liking the game but for some reason whenever i buy a gun from the merchant in the forest i never get the gun. also, whenever i save and leave the game it always clears out my shop of all the furniture. please let me know if anyone else is having this problem.

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I really love this--this is what Spore should have been! Detailed creature creation that requires a lot of trial and error (and critical thinking).

I'll admit I haven't played long, but I have a few suggestions: More in-depth tutorial (to explain the advantages of certain bones, organs, etc), adding things to stimulate a sensor (like food or rocks),  a way to 'pivot' pieces after you've placed them, keeping the point of contact the same, but adjusting the angle, and a more intuitive menu while in-game (for some reason, I can only seem to find the volume options from the main menu). 

I love the direction this is going and I will definitely continue playing!

im a sucker for non-straight romance <3 (i hate heteros)

This game has NO BUSINESS being as good as it is. I almost cried like twice over a little flickering @ and X. 

The Taako and Lup vibes from Lena and Jimothy... immaculate

bro imagine the mods this game could have

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this was the best game i ever played. 9/10 only because I could not take the possum queen to bed